WTB: Mad Catz Tournament Edition Arcade Fight Stick 360

Will to pay 180 plus shipping :<

180 plus shipping?

Considering taxes into the original MSRP…
Haha, does someone want to make 20 dollars?

I think I’d rather work minimum wage for 2 and a half hours.

oh hehe well the most i would pay is 200 for one not including shipping

i can ask my friend he told me he wasnt keeping his stick so ill let you know

Hmm if Amazon can change the shipping address on my pre order I might sell you one. I’ll have to check on that. That way you wouldnt have to wait for me to get it. PLus I get free prime shipping so it would be 2 day shipping.

yah let me know

I think your math is a bit off. :confused: They’re 80 bucks on Amazon.

TE are $150 just fyi. You’re probably referring to the fightstick.

ud figure someone who registered in 2004 would know about the TE

I checked and I can’t changed the shipping address on my Amazon order. It probably makes more sense for both of us to go on ebay. I don’t want to have you commit to it in the off chance the is a shipping delay from amazon.