WTB: Mad Catz Xbox 360 Live Arcade Gamestick [Find it via Gamestop]

I found one at a gamestop about an hour away from my house so no need for one anymore, thanks guys :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I’ve been looking around for this controller in order to attempt a few mods for myself and some friends, so I actually would like a couple of them… The only problem is that they’re somewhat hard to come by. People online are trying to sell what few they have for stupid inflated prices which defeat the purpose of buying it in the first place.

At any local Gamestop they are $10, what I ask of you is to simply check out the product page for it, punch in your zip code, and see if you have any nearby where you live.


If one happens to be in your area, next time you have a reason to go to gamestop you could consider grabbing it for me :3 I’d be willing to pay the total sales price you pay + whatever shipping costs it’d take to get it to me.


If you just happen to have one laying around for some reason I’ll take that as well, though I’d rather not pay anything past retail if at all possible, though I’m open to any discussion on what you feel is fair.

If you have more than one I’d also be interested in picking up multiple.

Just shoot me a PM whichever way you’d like to go with it, and thanks to anyone who can help me out.

Most of the gamestops around here that have it are trying to charge 40 bucks for it. I had to have some shipped from out of state from friends who bought them for me. Good luck with this. I really hope you can find some at 10 bucks.

That’s silly, it says $9.99 right on the website for it in new condition, how the heck did that even happen?

This fell pretty fast… Maybe I can give it one last front page shot lol

here in ca there is a place called frys electronics. i bought one new there for 4.99 about two months ago.

I remember during christmas time, they had a whole display stand of these things, had to be at least 20 of them just on display, who knows how many more they had in the back stockroom. I went back there like 2 weeks ago to go see if they still had them, and I couldn’t find any just by looking around myself. I asked a “sales associate” if they had any more of them, he looks at me, looks up at the ceiling, and then tells me they are all sold out. I hate dealing with fry’s workers, and I find it hard to believe these things sold out in southern california fry’s locations. Is there anyway to check in store availability at fry’s without dealing with these jackaninnies?

^ fry’s now has a ‘store pickup’ option… just add whatever items you want, go to checkout and select ‘store pickup’… it’ll ask for a zip and show what’s available…

i picked up one a few weeks back, sticker said 19.99 and it rang up as 9.99.

People, please share the goodness, we need a few of these down here :frowning:

The blockbuster down the street had some last week. I can check for you tomorrow.

i can’t seem to tell by looking at the stick but does this have buttons for the triggers, I wanna use the PCB to make a custom stick but I want 8 buttons, not just the 6.


Slagcoin is your friend

thanks! i had no idea slagcoin existed…and secondly when i was just on frys site it looks like i could order and have it shipped?