WTB: MadCatz 360 Retro Arcade Stick


Hey. You’ve all seen this piece of equipment. I need one.


Gamestop sells 'em for $10 if you can find one locally. Thing is… I can’t. I need one for the custom stick I’m building, though. Thus… I’m coming to you… my SRK brethren.

If one of you goes to a Gamestop that actually has one of these in stock… I’d like to pay you to get one and ship it to me. I’d like to pay $15 + actual shipping (the cheaper the better) for a new one. It’s only five bucks profit… but if you’re gonna go to that Gamestop, anyway… it’s five bucks and helping a brother out.

So. Anyone care to help me out this time?


i think these are real cheap on ebay too. i’m going to several gamestops to check for TE sticks on wednesday. i’ll let u know if i see any.


Thanks, yo. Your EX2s should be showing up in the not too distant future. Would love to do another deal with someone I’ve already traded with if you find one. :tup:


A little bird told me that TE and SE sticks will be restocked in massive quantities at the beginning of april. Exactly a month away, but happy hunting anyway.


I’ll check my local gamestop too :tup:


My local gamestop actually has one. I’ll be sure to pick it up on the way home today if they still have them. Hopefully, if someone beats me to it I can return it.


If you find one please help someone out here rather than returning it. I would definitely take it off your hands as would others. These things have the stupid tendency of selling for $30 on eBay.


Yeah if you guys can scavenger up some of those stick pads & sell them here that would be great…They are like $9.99 new…I think 7.99 used…

I need one to make a budget stick…


Checked my local gamestop, seems I got the last one like a year ago.


are you guys looking for this stick is because it cheap or it has common ground? if its common ground then gamestop has alot of them, there around $24


Because it’s cheap and has a common ground so it’s easy to pad hack. I think there were 4 people in all of history who tried to use this “stick” legitimately and threw it to the ground in disgust.

Anyway, you should see if your Gamestop will match it’s website then pick up a few of those.


I need one for padhacking… it’s supposedly one of the best options for that.

And it’s a little cheaper than an actual pad. So. Yeah.

Still looking to buy if anyone finds one.



after driving around like crazy I found two of these. Not one, but TWO! damn I was about to give up until I went to this other gamestop. They are brand new too, but one of them doesn’t have the xbobx 360 symbol in the middle button for some reason :confused:


Hey if you dont want the one with xbox symbol i’ll buy it from you…Or is this just awesome news for you?


If they’re both new and legit (sounds like they would be)… I’ll buy one from you (preferably the one with the symbol… just for my peace of mind).

You can do PayPal, right?

Hit me with a PM if you can… and we’ll get deal rolling.


oh nah man, I was just pointing that out just in case lol but yeah I just got these because you guys were looking for them, I don’t want to use this “stick” :rofl:


yeah dude I got paypal and yeah man they are both new. just send me a pm and we’ll work things out


i think theres one around my local game place


Already sent. :tup:


If someone wants to get one or two of these and send the PCB(s) to New Zealand I’d be really grateful - it is IMPOSSIBLE to find any common ground 360 pads here, and possibly even in the southern hemisphere.

Fuck microsoft and their encrypted peripherals.


If you guys want to help people out, go to change zipcode & enter your zipcode…They will show which gamestop/eb store has these in stock near your area…