WTB: Madcatz 360 Tournament Edition Shell


I wanna get a bigger shell. I currently have a SE and want to transfer my innards to the old stick to the new.

If anyone has one, let me know.


Ya, I’m also looking for one too if anybody has one for sale after the OP gets his. PM your price shipped, which version & condition, thx!


Your inbox is full, but I have a friend who may have an extra shell. I’ll send him your way if you’re still looking for one.


Cool man, send him my way.

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Im looking for one as well


On a kind of related note.

If a working Madcatz TE/SE 360 PCB (just the main board is okay) becomes an orphan as a result of this, I would like to give it a happy home.


I have a TE pcb I’d like to sell. It has had the “RH button going out” problem, but always fixes itself after unplugging/plugging back in.


If anyone comes across a shell, an all black PS3 one, let me know. My inbox can receive messages now.

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Hey, I’m just posting up to tell you that I’ll pick up the SE case if you are going to sell it for a decent price after you move the innards to your new shell.


I have 2 OG shells
1 with pcb, buttons if you want pm me


PM’ed BigBagga.


PM’ed BigBagga


Clear your Inbox so I can respond to your last PM, thx!


I gave it some thought and I am going to pass on the shells. Thanks for the info BigBagga, I don’t wanna hold up anymore buyers.