WTB: Madcatz round 1 TE


I mostly want the case itself so if you have one without the buttons or stick but still have the Wire for it or something I’d take that too as long as the case is in good condition


Why Rnd 1?


I like the colors and shape. the Rnd 2 is all black IIRC while the Round 1 has white sides


Cool. Just curious.


I was going to recommend just getting a set from the Mad Catz store, but I didn’t realize that they don’t sell replacement TE sides in white.

If all else fails and you end up with a Rnd2 or TE-S, and really want the Rnd1 white sides, I have a set I would sell off.

Let me know if you get to that point. :slight_smile:


Thanks FreedomGundam! I’ll let you know if it does!


try here


I’ve got two for sale. PM me.