WTB: Madcatz SE for PS3

I’m hoping to buy an SE for PS3. Doesn’t need to be new.

I’m not sure how much one would cost, as Madcatz stopped makng them, and i’ve seen them from $15 to $150.
I’m thinking around $30. Just tell me how much you want for it, and I’ll figure out if I’m able to do that.

ill sell you mine for 45 15 for shipping 30 for the stick.

I’m not sure.
Anyone else?

I’ve got 3 for sale, 1 brawl stick the other 2 SF4. I can install different buttons because the madcatz ones are crap.

How much would it be for any one of those with Seimitsus/without?

How much for the ps3 brawlstick

I have a Dual Modded SFIV Madcatz SE Fightstick with 8 Sanwa buttons (6 red, 2 white) and red ball top Sanwa stick for $80 shipped. It’s still in great condition but the only problem is the turbo doesn’t work for some weird reason, but shouldn’t matter if you don’t use it. I’ll take a picture if anyone is interested.