WTB: Madcatz SE Parts

Yes, I want your junk (no homo… or… no no…).

I remember there was someone giving them away awhile back, but I’m not sure if anyone actually took them or not. Can’t find the post, so I’ll assume it’s done with.

I plan on modding them with new switches and springs – then adding color. I’m going to ‘sanwa-ize’ them.


1 Madcatz Stick

  • Quality must be aesthetically perfect at least. The joystick must be in tact, however the PCB can be scratched to hell and beyond, working or not.
    2-8 Buttons**
  • Preferably ones that don’t stick entirely. I don’t really have a need for buttons that are absolute trash, but then again, i’m looking for the wrong buttons in this case :smiley:

I’ll pay $5 + shipping in a cheap shipping pouch, so probably around $10 for a set of them, or I’ll design a template for you: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=180603


sent you a response.

Wait so, me being an 09 and all… Am I able to do this?

Souloni please re-read this: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=164983.

i have some buttons from my Fightstick, i remember one button sticking on the edge, but if u want em they are all urs :P, I have a total of 6, the other 2 are still sittin my stick as spot holders, so if u want we can trade all my madcatz buttons for 2 plugs :slight_smile:

When I get my parts today I’ll have a SE joystick sitting around. I don’t think it has the washer problem, but sometimes the diags don’t work. You might want to check it out.