WTB: MadCatz SE / WWE Brawlstick for 360

Willing to pay $35-50 shipped. Live in Arizona. Pictures or Video if you have them.

Gamestop has the Brawlsticks in-store for $30.

If your local store doesn’t have one, you can ask them to pull up a list of stores who do have it and print it out.

the closest one is like 2 hours away

Prob ur best bet though or see if they can send it to a store near u

Also Zavvi.com as them for £24.95, which is about $40 US and they ship worldwide! I was also looking for an SE and bought this

But how much extra is shipping to the u.s.?

I will sell you one for $50, it has sanwa parts from my TE and I have no use for it

you have paypal? PM me.

Shipping is only £0.99 (converts to $1.40 US!!) Which is really cheap lol!