WTB: Madcatz SFIV SE Stick or Hori EX2 for XBOX360

Hey Guys,

I’m looking for a simple stick for the XBOX 360. Not looking to spend more than $40 shipped.

Either a Madcatz SFIV SE stick or Hori EX2 for Xbox 360 would be perfect. Must be in good working condition.


got a hori ex2 for $35 shipped, located in socal

Thanks, but I want to mention I’m in Toronto, Canada

Let me know

Not one or another, go´s for WWE brawl stick from Madcatz, these are cheaper now and the stock pieces are good, not sanwa but better then hori stock! Or get one of these bad boys from Hori, the news V/X simple FS!
And with the WWE stick you can get easily moded it one day!

Yea I’m basically in either Madcatz SE, Hori EX2, Madcatz TvC Stick, or the new WWE brawl stick… But not willing to pay more than $40…as I think this is fair price to sell them since TE’s go here for $80 - $100

that’s $80-$100 shipped within the US though…

Good luck My dude. Your gonna have to pay the shipping too. hope another Canadian member can hook you up.

where are the TEs for 80-100 in toronto?

I have 2 Dual modded Hori EX 2’s and a SE with sanwa parts…but im looking for a little more than 40 shipped…

Well I’m willing to pay a little more then. $50 shipped is the max really…

Up Up and away!

uppity uppity

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