[WTB] MadCatz T.E.2+ Bezel of any color (preferably black or white)

No idea where to find these in 2019 and my only hope of finding any is through SRK. I’m located in Texas, USA. Zip code 78542. If anyone is selling or knows somewhere I can buy one, PM or reply, please. Thanks for the help.

I can sell a red one for $25 shipped! thanks, and please let me know.

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Hey! Sorry for the late reply, after about a day I stopped checking so frequently. Do you have any photos or something just so I can see the Bezel? And do you only have a red one for sale? Thanks for the reply!

No worries! Here’s a quick picture. I have a black one that I could sell too. Also have the Street Fighter V artwork with Ryu, as well as both (brand new) grey and translucent blue TE2 sides for sale. Thanks and, please let me know.