WTB Madcatz TE Fightstick Black and White Side Panels


was looking for the original side panels for the TE sticks. I need a black one and a white one.
mine are broken on the left side and wanted to replace them with the original ones.
the madcatz store only has blue and other colors.
please PM if you don’t mind parting with yours.
wanted to spend ~15 bucks but willing to negotiate a price.


I don’t want to hijack your thread, but also looking for black side panels for TE2. GL to you in your search hehe. Wish Madcatz would get more in stock on their website!


It doesn’t look like they are going to restock them. Was searching on this thread as well as others and it seems people been waiting for a long time (years) and gave up and just started buying from modders with extra parts…


Urgh, that’s kinda what I was afraid of and what’s stopping me from buying the blue-sided PS4 one out currently. sigh.