WTB Madcatz TE ps3

İ just wanna buy an arcade stick TE, I live in Turkey so you gonna send me to turkey :frowning:
we can not buy these stuff in our country the duty hause cause us lots of trauble if we get these on ebay or amazon but if a friend send us like a gift they cannot do anything so you gonna send me as a gift but I pay your money its gift only on paper :wink:

so if anyone wanna sell TE say your prize and i will buy
sf fan from Turkey help me guys :wink:

can i say +1 in this forum i really wanna buy a te :frowning:

You might have some trouble getting someone to ship to your part of the world, that would probably cost $50-100USD in shipping if it’s the same as shipping from Asia. =P

Well if he is paying for shipping it wouldn’t matter what is is but a lot of people just don’t like shipping international .