WTB madcatz te stick KEYCHAIN

not the stick, just the keychain. If u have one, or are going to order a new te with the sale going on and don’t want your keychain, holla at your boy.

Where do you get these from? I seen one in a pic.

edit: n/m i see it now.

I am also interested in these keychains haha

Same. I know markman said they’ll never sell it by itself but damn i want one. Not paying 40+ for it though lol.

I am planning on ordering a TE stick from Madcatz, and might be interested in parting with the keychain (if I get one).

How much we talking about? Might be interested…

i’ll sell u one for 39.99 when i get it

i brought a fightpad with for it came out to 36 shipped and ill just sell me new ken fight pad i have at home to knock down the cost

Hey vStrife, that sounds good. Hopefully you read this, your pm box is full. PM me when u clear up some space, and i’ll hit you back.