Wtb: madcatz te vewlix layout top panel

As title states looking to buy a vewlix layout madcatz top panel.


i have one, but has no art on it, its the 8 button vewlix, ive got 2 feedbacks, 1 for buying and 1 for selling, i would want £20 plus shipping

PS its currently on y te stick with a 6 button plexi, i will post up pics later, i dont want to dismantle unless i sell, but can post picks of the stick with panel


dont laugh at my stick!

this is for temporary just so i can play, i just put it together with spare buttons and jlf, until i get my blk lightning panels painted and my buttons arrive

i got the plexi as part of a trade aswell, its a bit beat up, but its also available, (6 button vewlix)

the panel is underneath, its in good order, as you can see its got buttons and stick fitted so that shows its all good, i wont take apart unless you buy, as i dont have time (sorry, dont mean to sound rude)

ps panel only, no buttons or stick, plexi will be an extra £5

20130324_211724 by anzhar, on Flickr

If you have a extra im willing to buy a TE S vewlix metal panel