WTB Madcatz TE2/TE2+ WHITE bezel


Anyone have a white bezel for the MCZ TE2 series for sale?? I’ve been looking everywhere for one and they’re just not to be found. Yes, I’ve scoured both Amazon and eBay, and everywhere else in between. Show me what you’ve got. The TE2 models that came with the white bezel were the Blue SFV ChunLi model and the new Tekken 7 TE2+ (though not sure if this one ever released before MCZ filed for bankruptcy) If anyone knows where there might be one for sale, you can also post that info here.






You’ll have a better chance repainting the bezel yourself than finding one for sell.

Just do what I have done with many bezels and side panels for TE2/TE2+: sand them and spray paint them.


What type of paint did you use on them??


Check eBay. There are a few bezels on there


You could use vinyl dye found at auto part stores. That stuff works great on plastics.


Just use regular “universal” spray paint.
It even works with graffiti spray paint.
All you need is to sand the surface properly beforehand otherwise the paint will not stay on it.
Finish with a clear protective coat.

Here’s an example I did recently with two-toned side panels using masking tape:



bezels are really hard to come by unfortunately, only red ones available


Repainting the bezel or the side panels is no different


As you can see I repainted the bezel in black on the previous stick.

Here is a bezel repainted in white:



what did you sand it with before painting it?


Sand paper.
120 or 150 grit.

Make sure you sand the clear protected coat on the surface otherwise the paint won’t stick.
That’s basics for repainting plastic.

You’ll have to sand the inside of the bezel (the one side that touches the bezel) as it is a tight fit.
Remember you will be adding an extra coat of paint so it has to fit once mounted.