WTB: MadCatz Team Stick (PS3 or Dual Modded) / Itokki Omni rev. 5


I’m looking for this^ stick for PS3. I’d it to be dual modded but it isn’t essential. I’m willing to pay anywhere from $160-180, which will paid immediately. Good to Mint condition preferred.

I’d like the Itokki Omni 5 too.


Honestly bro good luck. This is a hard to find stick. It was only sold in Japan. Look to spend 300 used and 400 new for this stick.

However you may have some luck so I wish you good luck



I know it’s difficult to find but I didn’t think it was that difficult. I swear these were sold last year like they were an infection.

Oh well, thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it, at least now I know what to expect.


The vs. sh edition was sold in America during Evo 13’, but only during the evo weekend and I think it was sold out by Saturday. So yeah it was available here but for only two days, lol. The one that you are thinking of that was sold like a “infection” was the regular vs. stick with sfxt art and no silent parts. The prices that Yenjoi estimated are correct though. The stick is hard to find and a collectors item now so it’s value has increased, anyways good luck with your search. :slight_smile:




You can tell by the by it now amount. These go up to the price I’m talking about. If someone is looking for that stick or multiple people that bid will without a doubt go to 300


Yoooooooooon has a brand new 360 vs stick with extra plexi and Cerberus for dual mod function here in the trading outlet …u could always get silent sanwa later and buy silent pads from focus attack or paradise arcade for cheap… it will be a little pricey but jot as much as eBay.