WTB - MadCatz Tournament Edition S for 360, MadCatz ArcadeStick Pro for 36, Hori Real Arcade Pro VX


Hi, my name is Dylan and I am looking to purchase basically my first fight stick(I have a crappy cheap one). I live in Canada. It would be awesome if you could let me know the price shipped, if not still let me know a ball park price. Feel free to PM me or whatever you want. If I could I would like to pay with paypal and I am a-ok with paying first.

Edit I found a stick to but, thanks to all who showed interest. Now how do I close this thread xD


It can also be a comparable stick to any of those. Doesn’t have to be exactly those sticks. Something similar for the xbox 360 is also good :smiley:


Why don’t you just buy a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA Kai from Amazon.ca?
Or a Mad Catz Fightstick Pro for 360 directly from the Mad Catz store (Canadian website)?