WTB Madcatz V.S. stick SFxT or the other one, and connector kit


Looking for one V.S. stick, and if I get one, I’ll need a connector kit.
Willing to entertain reasonable offers, so hit me up if you’ve got one you wanna sell.
-in NOVA so local deals appreciated.


Either this:


or this:




I took too long to respond so it got sold…

STILL LOOKING ! WHOOP! Anyone got one they dont want anymore ? (360 preferred, but PS3 accepted as well)


Still looking for one, the SH or VS ones would be fine. thanks
empty shell would be ok, but prefer complete stick.



Also I forgot to mention I have the connector kit as well :slight_smile:


PM replied, still looking it seems, my current offer is 140 plus shipping.
hit me up, or tell me its too little, or whatever.


These things were everywhere last year and now gone WTF! Good Luck :slight_smile:



Thanks, bid, then outbid, then bid again, bleh, rather just pay for one from a community member.

Watching the ebay but still looking on SRK, and other community sites.

pm me a price and we’ll sort it out.


A friend of mine is selling his. Please PM an email address, I can forward you some pics and info.