WTB: Madcatz VS and Etokki Omni stick/shell (viewlix)


Hey guys looking for acouple of things

-Madcatz VS
Looking for a VS in good shape. Plan to mod the pcb so ps3/360 or not in working order does not matter to me.

-Etokki Omni Stick
Looking for the an OG Omni case. I believe it was Rev 1 & 2 before they switched to Noir.
Korean or Japanese plexi, pcb/no pcb, no stick/buttons does not matter. As long as the case is in good shape.

Let me know



bump, still looking for the Omni and also added buttons.


Bump buttons found still need a rev1 omni


Dezalb, is that you?


Yeah, I was locked out of my account due to a old email account I didn’t have access to when they moved servers


I had that problem with my original account from 2k4 or so but I was able to make a new one with the same handle, lucky me!