WTB: Magic The Gathering cards

Please post or PM if you consider yourself a potential seller. I hope to negotiate prices to a mutual benefit.

dam i think i remeber i had an amazing deck… but after the move i musta threw it…
it was a fire and plains deck

dam i think i remeber i had an amazing deck… but after the move i musta threw it…
it was a fire and plains deck

Mags, what are you looking for? I might have some for sale if you get a little more specific.

Pretty big difference between someone trying to get into it with casual staples versus someone looking for P9 and Revised Duals :confused:

a little more detail might help,my friend joe has a huge magic collection and said that he might be willing to part with some. if i knew what you wanted i could check it out for you.

Yeah, I have a bunch of cards too but you have to be much specific about what you want.

Hey thanks for the responses!

I am not demanding anything in specific, mostly looking to build up my collection and hunt down deals.

I would love big bulk deals of unwanted collections IF I believe you are trustworthy and honest. I will be quite mad if I buy a ‘collection’ which turns out to be 99% lands and crap commons with few rares.

As far as singles, I am interested in G/W EDH (my general is sisay) and Legacy R/B Goblins, mostly the lands.
Also, Type 2 decks or something to get me into this format. Vampires looks like a lower cost entry deck but I don’t have any T2 at this time.

If you are a long time collector I am interested in some of the older basic lands in massive bulk. Specifically multiples of each art, each land 4th, 5th, Mirage, Ice-age, tempest, and saga. I will not pay .25$ per basic land like starcitygames and other sites are asking but I hope to negotiate a fair bulk deal.

/edit/ No P9, I don’t play vintage.

i got a shoebox full of commons and uncommons from the mirrodin block. i know there’s no isochron scepter since i sold them off. i retired 5 years ago and want to get rid of everything.

I’ll have a dig around. Might have a few commons ans uncommons lying around from Rise of Eldrazi/Zendikar.
(Worldwake sucks for everything bar Jace to drool over)

I have a few thousand and theres no one around here to play i’ll sell em to ya if you want them…i have several rares…

I have stuff going all the way back to Beta including all of the P9 (Except 2 moxes) from Unlimited. I also have quite a few sets of multi-lands from revised amongst alot of other stuff. Arabian nights, etc etc. Feel free to make offers and express what you’re looking for.