WTB - Mame Capable Computer


I’m looking at purchasing a Computer with at least 1ghz, 1 gb ram, decent video card, and a big hard drive. Let me know if you have one.


I don’t want to hijack the thread consider it a random bump)
but are those the minimum requirements?


Yeah pretty much i think.


why not just get a deisel comp and get the nulldc emu working on there too and get arcade perfect mvc2 and cvs2 on the same machine?


actually i’m putting an actual dreamcast in it as well.


Anyone want to sell? Willing to spend $200 for one that has good specs. Ram and Hard drive is the most important thing.


if you only asked about 3 weeks ago.




This thread is way too vague IMO, mame has a large library, some games (including ) will run fine on even a celeron 800, while at least one still runs at 70% on a quad core.

Here is a thread on the mame forums that might be more what you want, including some newegg links.


This thread is getting close to spam so please refrain from bumping the same question, if noone has one, it’s time to look elsewhere.


if you’re wondering why i said that…
i just sold my AMD Ath 2700 2.2GHz system, 1GB of PC3200 RAM, and 2 HDDs of 80GB for OS and 250 for storage…
I got $75 for the system, minus the HDDs and case, and $50 for the HDDs.
I woulda had no problem selling the whole thing for $200 shipped :frowning:
sorry dude.


I understand why you consider this spam? I just wanted a computer with those specs i mentioned in my first post as a minimum. I guess the thread title is vague but i just wanted hardware.

If someone wants to change it to “WTB a Computer”, go right ahead. I was just stating why i needed it for.

Mixah - that’s the exact specs i was looking for. I was about to purchase one with similar specs for $300 but now that i know what you paid for, i don’t want to pay that much for it lol.

edit - I didn’t quite understand your post FMJaguar but now i get it. Thanks for the link but those are the specs someone at the Shmup forum gave me for shmup games. He will be doing the install into my cab and he suggested me a comp with those specs.