WTB Marvel Legends

I figured this was a Long Shot, but ya never know…

I’m looking to get my hands on Some Marvel Legends Sentinel or Galactus Build a Figure pieces. I need Sentinel’s Head, Right arm and Right Leg.

I Need ALL of Galactus.

Lemme know if anyone has these…

Friend of mine works at one of the biggest comic book stores in my state, I can check to see if he has them in stock if you want.

Granted it won’t just be the galactus limbs, it’ll still be the sealed figure on the packaging. Which figures do you need, specifically? I’ll let him know.

The main one is the Sentinel Series Spider man. That Figure has the Sentinel Head in it.

Much Thanks man!

Let me know what he says

The 3 parts you listed for sentinel come with these Marvel Legends Figures:

Black Panther Right Sentinel Arm
Sinister Right Sentinel Leg
Spider-Man Sentinel Head

So I can have him check tomorrow, if he’s got time. He doesn’t work on mondays, but he works on tuesdays, so either one of those days I should have an answer.

Sounds Good man. I scored some Parts on Ebay, so now I only need the spiderman figure with the head and the Black Panther, Right Sentinel Arm.

Thanks man

Right Head and Right arm? Okay, I’ll look around.

I think he said they MIGHT have the right arm, but I don’t remember. I’ll check a couple of my local comic book stores and see if they got 'em.

Awesome Dude, Appreciate it