Wtb: Marvel vs capcom te artwork/panel

looking to buy the artwork/panel for the stick mentioned above, i saw it for the first time the other day and i must say i like the overall finish.

i actually have one because i replaced my panel. how much?

I have one as well, how much are you lookin to buy it for. It is brand new hasn’t had hands on it at all I took it off as soon as I got the stick so the metal panel and art is perfect.

hmm… forgot to mention was looking for a ps3 one, thanks anways qweets. but how much you willing sell it for? i was hoping 10-15 dollars? but it all really depends on how much shipping would be. where you located spitfie?

I hate to derail the thread, but I’d be interested in a MvC TE Plate/Art and Bezel as well if anyone is still selling theres.

I’d offer $15 shipped.

it should be cheap to ship anyway cause its pretty thin and light