**WTB: MAS 8 Button Layout Arcade Stick - Willing to Trade OR Buy Outright - PENDING**


First off, thanks for checking out my tradelist. The Pony cab is located in Auburn, CA. The pics for some stuff that I have are too old so the links aren’t working but if you would like a pic for anything just let me know and I’ll get it to you. And for higher priced items I’m open to reasonable offers just fyi. Thanks for looking, and hopefully buying!

–MAS arcade stick - 8 button layout with joystick. System does not matter; I DO NOT want a p360 joystick. We can trade for something off my list or I can buy outright. - PENDING

–> Pony Jaleco Mark IV cab: http://imageshack.us/g/143/035dg.jpg/

  • No monitor included and missing piece of wood that holds a board sideways. Everything else is there, running on jamma. I have some extra buttons if u want them. Keys are included, and manual is also included although most of it is in Japanese. Asking $290 OBO.

Here’s a before and after retrobright pic because I did a treatment on both cabs and they are almost white now.

CPS2 Games:
–Marvel vs Capcom 1 (phoenixed) with marquee and moves list sheet. Blue Shell, region is US - $115 shipped.

Please post with any questions. I will answer pms immediately as well but I ask that you post in the thread too. Thanks for reading through.
Moving on to console items:

Dual Modded Round 1 TE Fightstick
–The TE stick is dual-modded for PS3 and 360. It’s in PS3/PC default mode and since it’s got a cthulu in it u hold the guide button down while plugging it in the 360 to get it working for 360. Since it does have a cthulu u can upgrade it later for any other system u want. It also has 6 green sanwa buttons and I do not have the original buttons that came with it. $120 shipped
ImageShack Album - 2 images

–Street Fighter Alpha (short CD case, not long original one) - $17 - shipped

PS3 - Check want list for awesome trade deal
–Tekken 6 Wireless Stick w/sanwa buttons and a JLF joystick; last 2 buttons have plugs in them. - $85 shipped

Xbox 360
–Xbox Live Subcription
–Gears of War 2: Limited Edition - Sealed - $55 shipped
–Gears of War 3 Controller w/Infected Omen dlc - Sealed
–Wired Headset - Brand New - Sealed in a plastic bag that comes with the system. Older version headset.

–Platinum Nintendo Gamecube box - Does NOT come w/anything, just box - $5+actual shipping

Strategy Guides:
Burnout 3: Takedown
Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Dead or Alive Ultimate
Forza Motorsport
Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition (Nintendo Power) - MINT - $34 shipped
Imageshack - 003yl.jpg
Mario Kart: Double Dash - Nintendo Power Version
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Prima version) - MINT - $48 shipped
Imageshack - 005iou.jpg
Mortal Kombat Deception
Mortal Kombat 3 Kollectors Edition Strategy Guide by Gamefan
NBA Live '06
NFL Street 2
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden Black
Soul Calibur II
Street Fighter: Anniversary Edition (includes CD w/seal intact) - $25 shipped
ImageShack Album - 2 images
True Crime: Streets of New York
Unreal Tournament 2003 (PC)
Xenosaga II (Small tear on cover)

------------MISC STUFF:------------

–N64/GC/Wii - RF Switch - $4 (Must be sold/traded with something else)

Action Figures
–Mini-Akuma action figure still sealed - $21 shipped
Imageshack - 016in.jpg
–Marvel vs Capcom: Venom & Captain Commando
Imageshack - 014oh.jpg
–Marvel vs Capcom: Spider-Man & Strider

Cases and Manuals (one free w/purchase)
–Xbox: Doom 3 Manual (Regular Edition)
–Xbox: Wolverine’s Revenge Manual
–1 PS 2 Case
–3 Xbox 360
–4 DVD Cases


Magazines: All magazines will be sold for $.25 each and if you buy 4, the 5th will be free. Buyer will pay for shipping costs. I will use media mail so it should not cost too much to ship. I put a small description next to each magazine with some of the highlighted articles in it. All magazines have some to little no wear and tear unless otherwise noted. I will be adding more magazines every few days. If you want just one magazine it will cost $1+actual shipping costs. (So you should just pick out 5 while you’re at it.)

Electronic Gaming Monthly
Sep 2004 - Lord of the Rings, The Third Age Cover - Madden VS ESPN, The Next Big…Trend, Franchise, Developers, etc.
Sep 2006 - Mass Effect cover - Console Countdown, Tough Guy games
Dec 2006 - Halo 3 cover - PS3 VS Wii, Alternative Holiday Guide
Jan 2007 - PS3 & Wii cover - 30 page special feature of the PS3 and Wii comparison
Feb 2007 - 2007 Best Year Ever cover - HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray, Great games of 2007
Mar 2007 - Battlestation cover - PS3 is under attack! What went wrong & what Sony has to say about it.
April 2007 - Ratchet & Clank: Future cover - Interview with Peter Moore
May 2007 - The Future of Video Games cover - Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Motorsport
June 2007 - Tom Clancy’s Endwar cover - PS3 Difference Makers, Interview with Sakaguchi
July 2007 - Bioshock cover - Lost in Battle article why there will not be a War in Irag game
Aug 2007 - Soulcalibur IV cover - Soulcalibur Legends for the Wii, Fighting game roundup
Sep 2007 - Halo 3 cover, #3 of #3: The Elite - Unusual game licenses
Nov 2007 - Saints Row 2 cover - Wii crap - why bad games are flooding the system
Dec 2007 - Ninja Gaiden 2 cover - Gaming censorship, Bioshock clones

Want List:
– MAS stick - I would like something with a joystick and buttons but the system is not important, 8 button layout preferred - PENDING
– Dreamcast: Power Stone 2
– Cash/Paypal


I figured I could bump this since I added a want list and some other items to sell.


pm sent.


I just finished adding about 80 more items to my for sale/trade list. And PMs have been responded to.


That limited edition wireless controller is going for $50 to $60 on the net. Anyways gl on your sales. :tup:


hey how much for kof neowave for xbox shipped? i was gonna order it later from ebgames for 8 bucks but its not on the site today.
also you should put prices on everything you are selling.


I sent a msg to md to show me where the $50-$60 controller but he said that he’s a busy man and I should just google it. After googleing it again it’s still nowhere to be found except maybe on ebay where they’re about twice as much as md says they are. I found on my search that there was a youtube video talking about the controller from some random guy from Germany and also an article about the controller not being sold in the US. Most likely because the controller WAS NEVER released in the US. So you are not going to find it in the US for no $50-$60 like all the other controllers sold here.


PM sent.




it’s a different shade of green than the halo green controller released here. if i had extra money, i’d easily buy it just to add it to my collection.


King of Fighters: Neowave is pending and I also lowered the price of the Blanka Fightpad.


I’m interested in the Shadow the Hedgehog on GC.

What kind of condition is it in and how much with shipping to 47715?

I’m also kinda interested in the Powerstone 2 if you want to quote me on that as well.


I can get you 2 Live Cam’s, plus $40 for the controller. but i cant do Paypal at this time. PM if your interested in this.


if you buy that tim i’ll be jealous.


I’ll take the snes/geny stick. PM me a paypal and I can send immediately.
Oh, and the empty Wii case too pls.
If you’ll be at Evo, I’d be all for giving cash and picking up there.


PM sent to Toodles, Tim, and MasterK. Let me know when King of Fighters arrives, ibeatu.


Hey Master Kojiro, are you still interested in Shadow the Hedgehog or Power Stone 2? I sent u a PM but I haven’t heard from you.

Also, added a couple of games for sale and added a hacked 360 PCB on the want list. I’ll be in L.A. for a couple of weeks if anyone down there wants to mod my gamemate stick.


PM’d you about Backyard Babes Uncensored Vol 1.


To the people reading this, Truckasaurus and his partner will be building a stick for me so I don’t really need the MAS or custom stick anymore unless it’s some crazy stick that you think I gotta have. Although I still need those vision cameras and of course cash.


PM sent.


^PM responded to and I also added a poster section to my list.