WTB: MAS/Happ style joystick

Since Mas Systems site seems to be down, and Arcade-Shock charges an arm and a leg for shipping to Canada, I’m hoping someone here will see my plea for help and point me in the right direction.

I’ve been using a TE for MVC2, and personally, I find it outright terrible, so I’m looking into a viable alternative. I know the pros almost all use and swear by MAS sticks, so that’s mainly what I’m interested in, preferably a P360, but I’ll settle for a Comp/Ultimate stick, anything would be an improvement. I’m guessing PS2 would be my best bet as there are decent converters for 360 and PS3 available from what I understand, but again, I’ll take what I can get.

Even if you don’t have one to sell, maybe you know someone who does, or somewhere I could find one, or atleast something similar. I know someone who has an Arcade in the Box hybrid setup which seemed alright when I tried it out, but the last time I checked their site they don’t offer P360 sticks as an option, and were rather expensive ($200+). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have a SFAC stick which I could wire up for either X360 or X360/PS3 (dual modded). It has all new happ parts, (brand new eurostick, no P360, sorry).

However shipping to Canada would still probably be expensive for me. Let me know if it’s of any interest to you though because if so I’ll work on it.

I have a Happ stick that I wanted to get rid of for the 360 it’s wired with QD’s so you could switch to a p360, only problem is I didn’t like the p360 that was in it and replaced it with a comp stick it the buttons works fine but I think I assembled the comp stick wrong because the wiring is correct because the person who wired it tested with a comp stick in it before I screwed with it. I can email you pics if want to look at it.

Sorry guys I’m kinda bent on finding a MAS, or at the very least a solid setup with a non-defective P360. Thanks anyway. Anyone else have anything? I’m looking for a full size one as well, not a mini.

Check the check my stick part deux thread pages 313,323,344, tell me if you see anything you like. All the controllers I make are happ /il. Send me a pm if I can help in anyway.

You could try a circle gate on your TE and a spring mod to stiffen it up.

Thanks zenblaster, I’ll take a look at let you know if I see anything.

Do circle gates even exist for the JLF? I thought they only offered octogates as alternatives? I dunno how well that would work, I thought the octos would be an improvement over square, boy was I wrong. I’d prefer to stick to what I know and love already, but if I run into a viable alternative I can test out first hand, assuming it’s an improvement, I might reconsider.

Somebody in the trading outlet makes circle gates for JLF. That with a spring mod and a bat top should make it close to a HAPP stick in feel.

I may have a MAS stick around here somewhere. I’ll take a look.

I have a full mass. A lil beat up but all it needs is touch up and we can talk business.

*@ShinAkuma204 *
What system is it for? I’d be interested probably regardless, PM me if you find it. Also, can you point me to where I’d find the circle gate and spring I’d need to mod the JLF? I’m not expecting a miracle but I’ll consider it as a possible alternative.

@B-Boy Tekken
Got a pic of the MAS? I don’t really care how it looks, as long as it works. But of course I’m not looking to pay new price for a beat up stick either. PM if you wanna discuss further.

Round gates for sale here : http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=221901&highlight=jlf+round+circle

Springs and bat tops sold here : http://www.lizardlick.com/pages/joysticks.shtml

How to spring mod your JLF : [media=youtube]L67fUfH3S5o&feature=related[/media]

I have a small that I dont need anymore , DC/ PS2 .