WTB:MAS Stick For the 360

ive looked everywhere for one and if anyone has one im willing to pay for it,tho i only have 105 Bucks right now

good luck finding one for that price.

i figured its impossible since people want to get more money than the TE price(150)

read your other thread i gave you some more info.

yeah but i think its sold,but thanks ill order that Converter soon

it is a good thing to have. The last i heard that guy had not sold the MAS mini. just pm him.

I have a project Mass I’m selling. Check out my FS thread in my Signature. Good luck.

Awesome. Bump every MAS thread even the 2 year old ones.


How much your willing to pay for the mas stick and do you care if it has a P360. I have one wired for the xbox 360.

its crazy how they got so expensive,I blame it on Pablo the mex and his awesome collection, Im glad i got one for 65 bucks a year ago.

I know. I belive that they are better built than the madcatz te. But Why the sudden price increase?