Wtb: Mas Stick, happ p360 wick


Like title says, looking for one with the 8 button layout Mas stick. Ps2 or dream cast doesn’t matter, I’m gonna get it Cthulhu anyways. Preferably looking for the older version p360 or wicos. I’m also down to buy an empty Mas case if I can find somebody to buy the p360 from. Thank you


does the SF15 anniversary stick count?


I have an old mas stick. It’s been sitting in my closet for a while now. I think it has ps2 and dc hook ups. It’s also a p360. Don’t think it’s a wico though. The only bad thing is the case is in very bad/rough shape. I can take a few pics later if your interested. Everything works great, it’s just the case is bad. Let me know if your interested.



I have a 8 button mas in good aesthetic shape but idk if its p360. I also don’t know what system its for. I can take pics if youre interested?


I have a very reasonably priced modded Happ Perfect 360 for sale. See the link in my signature for details.



not to Hijack your thread bro, but Nick, PM me that shit.


Just send me pics guys of the case and the bottom of the stick itself.


I got a white 8-button MAS Stick. Two of the buttons are plugged off. The original PCB has been removed. It does have a P360 stick in it.

What are you offering?


Which version p360 is it? Can you take a picture of it and send it to me


Sure. I’ll do that tomorrow. Also, the remaining 6 buttons have been replaced on competition (convex) buttons.