WTB : MAS Stick or Comparable american stick. (360 or PS2)


Looking for a working american stick, 8 or 6 button lay out with convex buttons. For the 360 or ps2. PM with offers and pics plz.

Thanks !



ur inbox is full


Anyone ever find a good american stick for ps3? I have a sf4 TE stick that I put a hex gate in and bat top, but still not the same. I have the square gate still if anyone wants to trade for an american style stick


Get a stiffer spring and pick up one of toodles’ GT-C circular gate.


I have a mas stick, it was originally purchased through the website by me. It has 6 buttons, along with p360 joystick. I have pulled out the dc PCB and put in a xbox 360 pcb. Its perfect, I’ve been playing mvc2 on xbox live, and its amazing.


thanks for the advice, tried that too and it still just isn’t right for me, need that bigger bat I guess ;/


That is basically what I would like for ps3 (got a 360 one I like already) just trying to find someone willing to trade my TE for it.


I have the one I bought from you with an xbox 360 hacked pcb. Interested?