WTB Mas Stick

cant be a mini and must be for ps2 with competition stick and buttons. anyone willing to sell one post or pm me prices. pics would be helpfull also

I have a PS2/DC MAS that I’m considering selling, but it has been used for 6+ years and looks it. The comp stick and buttons are fine (had them replaced around 2 years ago), but the paint on the sides are pretty chipped up. I’ll get some pictures up later this evening.



are those buttons concave or convex i cant really tell in the pic. if they’re convex how much would you be willing to sell that for?

i am also interested in this item. HOW MUCH?

Yes, the buttons are convex, and the stick is competition as well. I’m willing to let this go for 85 shipped, or best offer. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks in advance!

pm sent

looks like krost sold his. anyone else have one they would sell?