WTB: Mas Stick

Need one full size with convex buttons, and a P360 joystick with at least a PS2 port (dc capability is fine too). A friend of mine needs one so he’s willing to pay at least over $100.

i own one in perfect working condition…i live in harlem willing to meet up and bring the stick to you or your friend play on it. it has a p360 and is dc compatible $110 available whenever

PM Sent.



cant you just order direct from mas?

That’s the problem my friend already ordered one a month ago and he’s already getting impatient cause they haven’t even started it yet and I thought ordering from Arcadeshock takes just as long.

tell him to call them. if u bug them they might start one up. also the turn around time from them is normally 1-2weeks…

So you ordered one, yet they haven’t sent it yet? Doesn’t that mean you already paid for it, meaning you’re gonna pay twice as much?

Mas doesn’t charge till the stick ships. My friend is the one who needs it but they told him yesterday his stick will be shipping out in 1-2 weeks so that’s progress.