WTB: MAS Super Pro Stick, XBOX 360 Compatible


I am interested in purchasing a MAS Super Pro Stick(in good working condition or better) that is completely XBOX 360 compatible. FYI, I prefer convex buttons. Let’s make a deal…


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Didnt want to make a new thread about it but i am looking for one as well. HMU


happs il or perfect 360?


I have a P360 PS2 MAS stick, would need to buy a converter, interested?


how much?


I have a custom American stye stick all iL parts, convex buttons. It’s a 6 button layout. Pics on request.

edit: it is a PS1/2 compatible, but I can throw in a PS2 --> Xbox 360 Converter


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I have a Mas stick with iL installed. Works with xbox 360 and ps3. I also have the P360 (Perfect 360 Optical Sensor Stick ).
http://www.arcadeshock.com/items/pro-arcade-sticks-by-mas-systems/mas-s-pro-xbox-360-stick-8-button-elite-black-overlay-360xbox11buttoneliteblack-detail.htm <–This stick


bought one from veikuri