WTB: Mayflash Max Shooter, SFAC Case

Edit: I was able to pick both of these up. Thanks SRK!


I’m looking for a Mayflash Max Shooter for 360. I absolutely do not want an XFPS! The Max Shooter looks like this:

And the XFPS looks like this:

These are $60 on eBay. I was hoping to pay around $50 or less since I only want this for the Converter Compatibility Thread. My sticks are already pad-hacked for 360.

I’m looking for an empty or stock SFAC case to mod with iL/Happ parts. Wanting to pay around $50-60. I don’t want your modded stick unless it’s a iL Eurostick with concave buttons…


its not a sfac but its decent check my thread

Thanks, but I’m specifically looking for a SFAC. I like the straight six and ability to swap the art. Added request for Xbox Live card.

pmed about the live card.

Edited the OP. Last bump before I buy from eBay.

enjoy the sfac box sir :tup: