WTB metal panel from 360 TE stick


Title says it all, looking for the metal panel from a TE. I’m not sure if the panels for the ps3/360 are the same, but if they are, then either is fine. Post up or PM me price shipped.


they are the same ps3 and xbox. I’m sure you will find one. there are many people who removed theirs when they got a full panel replacement from art hobbies


Bumping this once before work, really hoping someone has one they can part with.


Let me bump this up again, I’m looking for one of these too.


Hmm, how much are you looking to pay for one? I’ve been wanting to get a panel replacement for my TE, but haven’t been able to justify the cost.


Hoping to stay in the neighborhood of 20 bucks, but i’m reasonable. Hit me with a PM of what you’d want shipped to 17601, we’ll see what we can work out.


Bump, still hoping to scoop one. If you have one, PM me with price shipped.


hey sepulvedajin, I tried to PM you again but your box is full. If paypal is cool, then hit me with your info and I can send payment asap. Thx again.


Inbox empty now