WTB mini MAS arcade stick


Looking for a good old 6 button MAS stick.


You can have this hella gross american case, the parts are all gone, but I never threw the case out for some reason, just pay for shipping from 94105 to where ever you are.





Whoa, I think someone loved that stick once. Body looks decent enough though. Any reason you want to part with it? Seems one of a kind. XD


It needs some work to get restored. Bit rougher around the edges if you saw it in real life. Would prefer it go to a good home vs. collecting dust.


Well I intend to throw some Happ parts and an MC in her for some MVC2 action. Greatly appreciated. PM for shipment/paypal info?


I have an SFAC stick I that gutted


How much you want for that bad boy? Still in decent condition overall?


just PM’d you


Bump for new parameters.