WTB Mini stick case or stick


Looking for a mini case like about size of an ipad
Would like it if it’s wood but doesn’t have to be


Wrong place for this post. Put it here… http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/trading-outlet


Yes didn’t see I was in tt lol
how do I move it ??


Tek case mini. Look through here for tek innovations thread you can order directly from him


Ya I’ve seen the Tek mini and I really want to buy that case but I don’t think he’s making it anymore
If anyone out there can make a case like the Tek mini I will buy it lol


Hori fight stick mini? For PS3, good price if I recall correctly.


email art and ask him you can find his email on his website. just google tek innovations


I emailed him but nothing yet, and he hasn’t posted anything new in he’s Tek mini post for a long time.
Ya I’ve seen the hori mini but that looks more like a cheap toy, I want a good stick that’s just small lol
Like the Tek mini case that’s perfect