WTB: Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs


Real simple…looking for Extreme Vs. at a decent price. I am welcoming all offers so shoot me a PM for negotiations. I’m in the process of documenting everything I’m planning to sell on here, so if you’re fond of trades just ask me for what’s available before I post to the public.




I read somewhere it was 39.99 on playasia last week


It’s $39.99 on playasia RIGHT NOW


FFUUUUUUUU… such a good deal.


Thank you Dirty, Sarge and Shin. Have you guys ordered from them before? I don’t know how international shipping works with customs and whatnot. Saw this on eBay at the same price but like $30 shipping from Tokyo, made no sense whatsoever haha. I gotta get all over this one.


ordering from them is great, ive ordered games and accessories from them before with no trouble.


Y’all gon’ make a nigga cry, gotta get up on that Jap PSN right away!


When you get it hit me up so I can remove the wrapping from mine and play it


No doubt.