WTB modded agetec and namco stick


Looking for a full sanwa modded agetec and namco stick. I would like them in great condition with, let me know the price and what system its modded for. Also pics would be great.


i have a namco with sanwa buttons.
only for ps1


I am looking for a full modded one with stick and buttons on both of the stick.


I have a fully modded Tekken 4 stick. Very similar to Namco. Full Sanwa, modded for PS3. Carbon Fiber Skin on the top. Let me know if you want pictures. I’d like to sell it for 100$ Shipped. The Stick is a jlf with Namco Shaft / Actuator, and octogate but the gate feels like a circle gate. Only reason I am letting it go is because I have too many sticks.


Here are the Pictures you asked for.

The button spacing is roughly the same distance from the stick on the TE. I really hate to let this one go, but i’d rather someone get some use out of it. It really is my favorite stick, Just not using it anymore. Inside has a PS3 / PC Cthulu with complete QD’s. FULL Sanwa.


:u: That’s really nice.
Is the carbon fiber 3m di-noc?


Yes Sir. It’s amazing. Thinking of doing one of my TE’s with the stuff.


Very nice stick :slight_smile: