WTB Modding Service and cable repair


I saw that it is possible make the TE stick dual system compatible with a toggle of some sort. So Since I don’t’ have the tools or skill set I figured I’d can find someone who can do it for me, at a price of course.

So here is some info:

I live in San Diego county CA (Oceanside to be exact)

Stick Needs: Mad Cats SFIV TE stick (PS3) to be modded for both PS3 and XBOX 360 playability, with a nice toggle. Also my puppy chewed on my USB cable and while the stick still works it’s going to need replacing eventually so I had an idea to replace the cable and add a USB port (Type A or B) inside the Storage compartment so I can just plug in any USB cable as needed while still retaining the storage. I can provide all the parts and you do the labor.


I heard this guy is pretty good. Here’s the link:



:rofl::rofl: I heard he was pretty good too :tup:


I can do it for you, if you’re willing to drive to orange/anaheim. if it interests you, PM me and we’ll work out the details


Thank you very much look forward from hearing back from you.


I also can do it for you. I live in San Diego, paradise hills to be exact. PM me if youre interested.