WTB: Modding services for my HRAP


Apparently, HRAPs are known for their cord ripping. After years of abuse, my cord is pretty close to being ripped.

I need this fixed before it gets any worse and completely rips off. Is there anyone who can get me a new cord? Or even better would be a DB connector so I can remove the cord.

Any replies would be appreciated!


You can always cut off the portion that is about to be ripped, splice the wires, then wrap in electrical tape. Takes a bit of work, but i did it to my Guitar Hero controller and it works fine =)


Thats partially the problem. Its ripping right where it connects to the base where it was “reinforced”. Maybe I should take a picture.


Ahh I see. Well, you should be able to slide the “reinforced” part. It’s tight, so it might take a little strength. I had to make a small cut on the “reinforced” part of the Guitar Hero cable to slide it away from the problem spot.


adding a DB connector wouldn’t be too hard, and it would make it easier for you so the cord doesn’t get f’ed up.
Don’t know where you are located, but that’s something I could do, and probably anyone else who has any electrical experience.


Hozie can do it. Name your price.


Your really close to me… A train ride away haha. I suppose I should put up a picture so people get a better idea… one will be up tonight.