WTB: MvC2 for the Dreamcast (Mint to Near Mint)

EDIT: I found a copy and bought it, thanks everybody!

I have the Japanese version if you’re interested in that. Actually, I’m thinking of selling my lot of fighting games for my Dreamcast because my Dreamcast is busted. It sucks because I spent a lot of time and money building my fighting game collection and now I can’t even play them anymore.

Dreamcasts are a dime a dozen. If you have a nice DC collection i’d suggest just getting a bare DC off ebay for cheap.

How much would you be asking for it? I would need to buy a Japanese dreamcast to play it then correct? Just wondering, on the Japanese edition, don’t the names of the characters still appear in English? If so that would be pretty cool.

And yes, as the guy posted above, dreamcasts are pretty cheap on Ebay these days, so there is no need to sell off your whole collection.

no, american DC plays japanese games.

If you use a swap disc.

Or gameshark.

Get the US version off ebay.

The Japanese version requires a downloaded save file as you need access to the VMU port in the Japanese arcade game to unlock certain characters… Which sucks… So yeah…