WTB MvC2 PCB for empty cab

My friend is opening up a laundry shop and wants to drop an mvc2 cab into the place for kicks. Could somebody direct me to where I might find one for him to purchase? Or if somebody has one for sale, please contact me directly through email or pm. Thanks.

email: mpi@ucdavis.edu

edit: sorry I can’t put up how much I’d pay. I don’t really know how much arcade cab pcb’s are worth and don’t even need the thing for myself.

Well you’re probably gonna spend a couple hundred at least…whoever is buying it that is.
You need the Naomi motherboard, the game itself, and a Capcom Naomi I/O board.

Links are just examples of what u would need.

It’s going to be more than $200. Probably more like $400 or so.