Wtb: Mvc2 psn


Hey I want to get MVC2 on PSN, But I have only paypal money. If anyone has a psn card pm me i am looking to buy


Buy Playstation Network Card - Online Code Delivery


is that legit?

lame markup too


why not just buy it off of amazon you know you can buy psn titles off of there right?


Its legit.

I think the markup is just because they handle that stuff for you.


Just go to CVS, Walgreens, Walmart… all of those places have PSN cards with no mark up.


go to gamestop or target to get a PSN card.


I think the OP means that he can only pay via PayPal. Amazon.com does not accept PayPal. If you have a bank account linked with your PayPal account, just transfer it to that account. It usually takes a few days though.


Just get the PSN card from any store that sells them. You have your pick of Wal-Mart, Best Buy, GameStop, Sears (probably), and anywhere else where they sell first-run, brand-new games.


There are not that many games you can get for $10 or less off the Network. $20 is the minimum that you’d need for spending. It will get you at least one good game and probably cheaper items like character skins, icons, and desktop banners for your PSe.

I pre-paid for my copy of MVC2 from GameStop. What they sold me was a voucher for the game that included the code to download the actual game. For a while I didn’t use this since I didn’t a wireless modem. 2-3 months later I got the modem and I was in business!

I think vouchers are good for the one person who buys them and installs them on their PS3. They’re not going to be transferrable if they’ve already been used. Sony I’m sure keeps track of the transactions on PSN.

The PSN card — anybody can use that but PSN keeps track of the money spent with the card.

The only thing I don’t like about downloads is not having a physical disc in front of me. There’s a sad truth to online gaming some people won’t face. First, MS and Sony don’t have to guarantee your lifetime access to play a downloaded game UNLOCKED with all features on your system. Those of us who DO have PSN access know what happens when the Network goes down, right? You lose your unlocked game until Sony gets PSN running again and in the meantime are stuck playing the Demo Version! This could conceivably happen when Sony releases the PS4… They’ll block off the PS3 from PSN (but still allow Blu ray firmware upgrades on the PS3 unless they decide to be pricks and make you pay for new hardware) just like MS disabled the original XBox XBox Live access.

Another thing is that our precious PS3 hard drives (and 360 HD’s) will eventually break. It happened to me with the last computer that I had for 8 1/2 years. The main drive broke and I lost all the files I hadn’t transferred from it! You can definitely back up some things to an HD but may have to download games you bought access for again to a new HD… Assuming Sony/MS let us retain access to their respective online networks!