WTB- N64 Games Also SNES games other retro stuff


looking for 64 games and snes games

for 64 im looking for
mario 64, zelda(ANY) Mario Kart 64, super smash bros. mario party , castlevaniaany first party game

for snes
mario world, mario all stars, zelda, castlevania, mario rpg, secret of mana, finaly fantasy(any) any other good games.

basically looking for the killer games. i will buy 1 or 100. no collection big or small. will also buy other game collections. ’

also looking for retro game posters/displays.



No one parting with n64 stuff?


Do you have stuff to trade or looking to start a collection? Specifically looking for SNES/Genesis.


I got lots to trade. Sealed stuff. All kinds of stuff. What are u looking for? Pm me


Just loose Genesis/SNES stuff primarily. Snap a picture if you don’t mind.




I buy 64 games like no one’s business. Do you have TMNT or other beat-em-ups for SNES? Final Fight, Captain Commando, etc?


i have some stuff here


I got final fight yes and TNT for snes .


for n64 i got:
clay fighter 63 1/3
diddy kong racing
goldeneye 007
mario kart 64
mario party
nfl blitz
nfl blitz 2000
pokemon stadium
ready 2 rumble boxing
wcw/nwo revenge
yoshi’s story

also got console, controls (grey, black, red, yellow), memory unit, rumble packs, etc. let me know if youre interested in any.