WTB - Namco Aracde Stick

Stock or modded… please provide pictures and condition. -Thanks

how much? I got one good condition. stocked.

dang it it i been wanting to get one of these.

just brought a stick like a couple of days ago.

I am in the process of modding 2 at the moment. May keep one, but know for sure I will be selling one. Just need to daisy chain the grounds, and it is done.

All Sanwa, with JLF.



pm sent

Imitrex you still have the stick?

Both have sold, sir. Sorry. They were gone almost as soon as I posted the pics lol.

you f*********** shit.

How much did they sell for?

I’m sorry. :sad: They sold for $110 each, plus shipping.

If I run in to any more, I will hold back on posting pics and put them up for sale when I am done with them, to give people a chance.

If you are interested at all, I am currently making 3 cases, based on the small size of the Namco, since it is such a portable design. Here are some pics. Keep in mind, this is with the first layer of primer on, and need to fill in some holes with wood putty etc. so they are in very early stages.

Comparing next to a Namco…



perfect thats what i wanted a case thats based on the namco one.

brilliant you can just throw in your fav buttons.

whats the price because i just brought a stick to mod.

Can you make it thinner? Hehehehe. I was sorta thinking of a custom stick where the stick is like the namco one except the back is a bit higher so you don’t have to drill a hole for the joystick to fit.

I can make it thinner, just at the time I fabricated these 3, I didn’t have the measurements of the Namco, so just went with random measurements, haha.

Not sure, but I didn’t need to drill a hole at all in the Namcos for the JLF to work. :smile:

As for plastic cases, I honestly think it would cost an arm and a leg to have a mold fabricated at a local plastics fabrication shop. I have seriously been thinking of delving in to the possibility of learning fiberglass fabrication though…Not sure how well that would go over, though.

my fault i noticed that you said wood putty.

those cases are still nice.

do you have an idea for the price?

Thanks, Noober. At the moment, no idea on prices for the sticks. Sorry. :frowning: