WTB: Namco Arcade stick

Hey guys,

I have been looking for the stick for a long time now, but I can’t seem to find one. I am willing to pay about 40-45 dollars for one. It’s for the PS/PS2 systems. I think it came out in 1998.



Dude, I don’t have whatever it is you want, but how will you know whether or not anyone else does either if you don’t link to a picture or at least be more specific? You didn’t even say what system it’s for.

Its the Namco stick… i think most know what it is. It’s like namco’s only stick. Its Grey with yellow buttons

Good luck on getting one. They are so sought after cuz they are nice sticks.

Dude, Everyone know that Tekken is made by Namco and is only for PS2
and this is the stick he’s looking for.

Oh, I thought everybody knew about the namco arcade stick…guess I was wrong.

Thanks to Urth and Vampiro for providing the pics.

We all knew, except Steve F:rofl:

I’m always browsing for a deal and if I find one, I’ll forward you the link (cuz you ain’t getting mine:wink:)

Virtua Stick Pro anyone?



I have a Namco stick, I haven’t had a problem with it but I let a friend borrow it and he claims MP is slightly broken, as in it doesn’t register once every 10 times you press it or so.

I’ll send you a PM now.

Hahah oh, that one…
I knew the stick, totally forgot…


Bump…Looks like no one has one to sell…

Probably not at that price. When I sold off my Namcos in the past they were well sought after and I was asking $65-$75 shipped for boxed ones in very good condition. I guess if you want one that’s in decent condition, you could possibly get it for $45, but I think that’d be quite a deal.


The most I could Probably go up to, is $50 shipped.

I think your best bet is to just keep an eye on eBay. Honestly, I don’t think anyone on the boards will sell you a decent conditioned Namco stick for $50 shipped. I could be wrong, but looking at the response to your thread, I think it’s pretty says what I’m saying is correct. But look on eBay, sometimes they pop up and you can steal one for around $30 plus shipping.


Will do. Thanks Everyone! Paik, did you sell ALL of your namco sticks?

I sold all of them except the one I kept for my personal collection. It’s a brand new in box Soul Edge Edition. Even the box is in super mint condition. I haven’t even taken it out of the box. It’s been in my personal collection for about two years now. : )