WTB: Namco Joystick Mod Service


Just an open call to any experienced modders out there. (Preferably in Ontario or Canada)

I’d like to mod my Namco joystick to work for Xbox360. I’m keeping all the original parts in, just need a PCB swap. I do however have a Hori EX2 PCB on hand, but I don’t know if that will work.

I’d like the start/guide button + 8 buttons to work. Since the Namco joystick has the 2 extra buttons conveniently at the top of the joystick so they won’t be accidentally hit.

I don’t have an xbox360 PCB on hand so if the modder has one already ready to go than that’s also a bonus.

If you’re interested please PM me with a total price for everything.


EX2 PCB should be fine and a plus since it’s allready wired just plug and go maybe add QD to make sht faster lol