WTB Neo Candy 25 control panel/parts


Trying to restore a friends cab that I’m in possession of. Looking for a complete control panel or part of one or just about anything for the neo candy cabs. Please let me know what you have or if you know where to get something.




Not sure if you still need to be a member to see it, but someone is selling some Super Neo 29 parts, including a control panel with the housing.


Thanks, I registered. But , still cant see. Any Ideas?


Oh yeah i had that problem too. I think you need to make at least 10 posts or something.
I forget. It should state in the rules or something the requirement for using the marketplace.


Thanks. Now what I really need is a Neo Candy 25 6 button panel. Either the Just the panel or complete.



post there or here



Thank you. I have an account there but, I can post, send pm’s or even contact an admin. Its so strange. Anyone wanna PM an admin over there and mention it to them for me? My username is the same over there.


Also , I made a mistake Its the Neo Candy 29 that I need parts for **NOT **the Super Neo 29.



i pm’d 1 for u


Thank you sir.


cool hopefully they fix it for u if not ud just have to make a new acc