WTB - Neo Geo AES Stick

I don’t really have much of a history on the Neo-Geo.com forums, so I figured I’d post here since there’s some member crossover.

Looking to purchase an AES stick. Original style, not the ‘bean shape’ Pro.

Been playing a lot of NG lately on my CMVS, and realized I’d like to have one in my collection. I’m comfortable with it being in used condition, so long as it’s not totally trashed. Cracked balltop is fine, since they’re pretty hard to avoid.

If anyone has one they’d like to part with, at less than horribly inflated eBay prices, PM me.


Yeah, i hate the active user rule they added on the forum. I was a member for awhile but just had too much of a life to stay active. I play my neo carts on a big red but when i go to friends i use a hori t5/hrap1 case. Button layout is close to neo layout and it feels so much better. Cheaper too if you find a t5 case.

edit- just saw you were looking for it for playing/collecting reasons. lol