WTB: Neo Geo MVS games

I’m looking to pick up the following MVS carts-

King of Fighters 2003

Rage of the Dragons

SvC Chaos.

I’m an ebay and paypal user.

Seriously, sell me some games…

Well, if anyone stumbles upon a copy of Rage of the Dragons for sale at a good price, can you direct me to it? Or the seller to me? This seems to be the most elusive title on my list…Well, the only one, actually.




A little tip… Do NOT buy SVC.

Try the neo-geo.com boards.

Thanks for the tip, but I own SvC on the Xbox. Something about owning it for my cab appeals to me- especially with the artwork. My gold cab is in need of some decoration here. I only have 3 loose carts, and a Sengoku mini marquee. Bleh.

Bump for great justice.

So, if anyone here is looking to part with some of the above MVS games… Even “100% working ones,” if you catch my drift.

(I’ve been trying my luck at the Neo-Geo forums as well.)

Got a RotD, cart only, Id be happy to get rid of, but would prefer to trade it. Got a Neo Turf Masters, SamSho5Special, MSlug5, Matrimelee, Pulstar or just about any CPS2 games and we could work something out.

I got around 40 of them. Hit me up for a list if ur interested.