WTB Neo Geo Ps2 Controller

Talking about one of those sticks made a few years ago for the ps2 that were identical to the AES. PM with a price.


I’ve Neo Geo Pad for AES. nope PS2. I hate Vampire has Neo Geo pad for ps2 SOLD. i ASKED HIM ONLY TRADE. hE IS an ASSHOLE!

I modded my NEO GEO 2 Stick for Wii but I swapped PS pad in the stick. I lost spring and E-clip. i ordered Akihabararshop.com

I want add 2 buttons for hole 30mm on Neo Geo 2 stick. original 4 buttons, other small 4 buttons. I drill big hole size 30mm hole in 2 small buttons. i erased wii logo.

show pic

without modd




Original stick
I hack PSone pad in box connector on any PS systems for converter Neo Geo. i never play before an experience. what the awesome stick. better than LS-32 or JLF. I’m seriously.


you never make me an offer :confused: